Oliver Jumpertz

Hey, I'm Oliver, a software engineer and content creator focusing on blockchain!
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Aug 23, 2021
I published a new article about how to come up with a suitable salary expectation on my personal blog.

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Aug 19, 2021
I published a new article about why you should never give away your current salary to recruiters or interviewers on my personal blog.

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Aug 02, 2021
I wrote an article explaining one of the more tricky questions in an interview: ”Why do you want to work here?” on my personal blog.

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Jul 31, 2021
I published an article about how to tackle that situation in an interview when you are asked to give an honest rating of your skills on my personal blog.

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Jul 27, 2021
I published a blog article about the dreaded interview question "Why should we hire you?" on my personal blog.

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Jul 23, 2021
I published a new blog post about how giving yourself the wrong title can lead to you underselling yourself on my personal blog.

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